The mission of Goodwill Theatre Inc. (GWT) is to create a professional performing arts complex and magnet training academy that will enrich the lives of our residents and visitors.

The vision of GWT includes:

Economic vitality: The Goodwill Theatre, Inc. will increase the vitality of the surrounding area thus stimulating business and residential growth, and thereby reducing urban blight.

Cultural tourism: The Goodwill Theatre, Inc. will become a regional magnet drawing people from the northeast to experience it’s programmatic & educational offerings combined with the rich history of Endicott Johnson Story and events within the Health & Cultural District.

Community: The Goodwill Theatre, Inc. will foster a sense of place, and camaraderie by providing pre-show activities, outdoor programming and festivals.

Education & Training: The Goodwill Theatre, Inc. Academy will become a place for students to work and learn alongside professionals of various theater disciplines and theater management in a state-of-the-art facility with the finest faculty.

Partnerships: The Goodwill Theatre, Inc. will encourage collaboration among and with Southern Tier, the Village of JC, UHS, residents, merchants and other cultural and educational partners creating lines of communication that will allow all to advance their missions.

Pride: The rehabilitation of the architecturally beautiful and historic Goodwill Theatre and creation of a multi-stage complex with a professional training school drawing top talent will create national recognition for the region and restore a sense of pride.

Enrichment: The Goodwill Theatre Performing Arts Center and Academy Complex will be a way for the community to experience the world through the arts and enriching the lives of, residents and visitors to The Southern Tier Region.

GWT opened its first performance venue, the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage, 46 Willow Street, Johnson City, NY 13790, in October of 2007.  Currently, we offer over 65 performances each season at the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage.

The GWT offices reside at 67 Broad Street, Suite 210, Johnson City, NY 13790.  We can be reached at (607) 772-2404 or at info@goodwilltheatre.net.